Sunday, December 11, 2011

Study Consultant Proposals due 20Dec11

information from Courier Post Article here:

Ad for merge consultant gets just three responses

Fact Checking:
The RFP was first advertised on 18Nov, with a due date of 20Dec. The article published on 1Dec characterizes the 3 responses 2 weeks into the proposal period as "light", while 3 weeks remain for responses.

Inquirer reports on 6Dec11 Commission Meeting

Kevin Riordan: In Merchantville, mixed emotions about a merger

Fact Checking:
The reporter has misidentified the Merchantville Borough website in the article. He states:
Consider the borough website, where consolidation news appears under a graphic that splices the two towns' logos in a way that seems to suggest mash-up, rather than merger.
He is referring to a town news website owned and operated by the former Mayor Brennan's wife, a site which has consistently voiced opposition to the merger and misreported facts. Because of the vested interest that the owners of that site have in the town merger failing, information posted to the site is unreliable.

The Merchantville Borough web site is

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Video of December 6th, 2011 Commission Meeting

The video of the Commission meeting is broken into 10minute segments. Follow the link to the Merchantville Voices YouTube Channel and they will be listed in sequence, and numbered in the title.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Commission Meeting brief

The first meeting of the Commission took place on 6 December 2011. This meeting was primarily an organizational meeting and included the swearing in of Commissioners, election of chair and vice chair, establishment of sub-committees, and a proposed schedule.

Preliminary Commission Meeting Schedule Proposed:
17 Jan 12
7 Feb 12
6 Mar 12
3 Apr 12
1 May 12
5 Jun 12
17 Jul 12
7 Aug 12

There was a brief period of Public questions with people from both Cherry Hill and Merchantville speaking. A video of the meeting of the Commission on 6 December 2011 was made, and will be posted. We'll put a link up when its known.

Meeting Notes:
Neither the Merchantville Mayor nor any of the outspoken Councilmen attended the meeting.

Courier Post Editorial: Merchantville and Cherry Hill shouldn't be alone in exploring consolidation

New Jersey has too much government, and consolidation of some of the hundreds of separate municipal governments, school districts, fire districts and other taxing bodies is logical.

After all, New Jerseyans pay the highest property taxes in the nation because of our overabundance of local government.

So it is good that there are towns willing to study what a merger with a neighbor might look like financially. Yesterday was the first scheduled meeting of a panel of Merchantville and Cherry Hill residents tasked with weighing how much savings, if any, there could be from combining the small borough and the large township next door.

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