Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Commission Meeting brief

The first meeting of the Commission took place on 6 December 2011. This meeting was primarily an organizational meeting and included the swearing in of Commissioners, election of chair and vice chair, establishment of sub-committees, and a proposed schedule.

Preliminary Commission Meeting Schedule Proposed:
17 Jan 12
7 Feb 12
6 Mar 12
3 Apr 12
1 May 12
5 Jun 12
17 Jul 12
7 Aug 12

There was a brief period of Public questions with people from both Cherry Hill and Merchantville speaking. A video of the meeting of the Commission on 6 December 2011 was made, and will be posted. We'll put a link up when its known.

Meeting Notes:
Neither the Merchantville Mayor nor any of the outspoken Councilmen attended the meeting.